Friday, 6 January 2012


Hello And Welcome To Hexbug Olympics 2012. 

I am still a bit new to this blogging stuff and just making it up as I go along. Santa brought my son a set of Hex Bugs for Christmas and since then they just won't stop breeding.

We have nine at the moment, pictured below

Now these guys (and Gals, mind its hard to tell the difference) are simply mad on the Olympics.

They have organised 2 events so far. The 100 meters sprint and Sumo Wrestling. Now, we all know that Sumo Wresting isn't a real Olympic event, but its makes for a fun video Click here

100 Meter Spint Starts Here.

The 100M sprint is split into 2 heats, with the top two countries going through to the final. We have a celebrity crowd for this event with the likes of Luke Skywaker, Harry Potter and Yoda. There are quiet a few others to spot.

Anyways, Videos links are below (If I get this next part right)

This is Heat One of the London 2012 Olympic100 meters sprint

And Heat Two of the London 2012 Olympic100 meters sprint

And Finally the Final of the London 2012 Olympic100 meters sprint

Now, we have a few months until the big opening ceremony, so we are intending to hold quite a few more events up until that time.

We have lots of ideas for lots of videos, which will appear right here.

Complete and ready to watch 

The Marathon

NEW!! Olympic Rowing NEW !!

Coming shortly 

110M Hurdles
High Jump
Ice Hockey
Long Jump


Hexbugs with LIGHTS. Below is just a test video to see if the concept works. AND IT DOES!!!!

We will be putting another video together shortly to show how easy this modification is.
No soldering. No wiring and it only cost us 20 pence per bug.

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