Olympic Village

HexBug Olympics - The Olympic Village
The Olympic Village

You may be wondering where the hex bugs hang out when they are not competing in all the wonderful Olympic events you may have already seen on YouTube.They, of course, chill out in the HexBug Olympic village. This is the HIVE of the HexBug community. Where our little friends rest and relax and re-charge their batteries (Literally).

And we snook our cameras in there so we could observe the HexBugs relaxing. Not sure if HexBugs know how to relax by the way. 

We must point out that no Hexbugs were harmed in the making of this video. Please explain to any younger humans (or HexBugs) watching, that the RED HexBug at the end of this video is just asleep. (Honest)

Here's a couple of pictures of the Olympic Hive Village, which was constructed by a crack team of complete amateurs. First two shots are of the "completed village" and the last two are of our favourite piece of HexBug equipment, The Hive. See the page on Behind The Scenes.


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