HexBug Olympics - The Marathon

The Marathon

This awesomely rare, three storey track was very hard for our little HexBug friends to make. The track is made from :-
     An Elevation Set,
     A Bridge Battle Set,
     A Habitat Set, and
     A Raceway Set.

Two Hexbugs came with each track. Our 9th friend was seen wondering around glowing like a star late one evening (Christmas Eve I think it was). Their little group consists of 9 friends.

Since they got their first set, they've been going nuts building many different tracks.

This is what their latest achievement looks like. Wow!

Their latest Olympic event, the marathon was held on this very track. The rules in this events are  there are no rules, apart from, last man (well bug) standing (well moving) wins.

Highlights of the construction.  

Two triangular staircases. Each lead to a different level.
There is one spiral staircase, leading to the middle level.
There is also a steep snake staircase also leading to the centre level (far right).
There are about 5 bridges, two roundabouts and one bridge battle.
Two magnetised straights which will hold any bug until a GIANT FINGER gives them a nudge.

The video of this event is in final production and will appear here shortly.

Thank you for reading.


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