The Hexbug Hive

HexBug Behind The Scenes

The HexBug Hive

We will be taking a look here at all the all new (Awesome) Hexbug Hive. Now this piece of equipment only arrived today so its not in any of the videos yet, but It soon will be. We thought we would take a few shots so you can see why our little buggy friends like their new travelling case/play pen/mini mayhem arena so much.

The Front

The Other Front.

Now, the pieces inside are all detachable, which means you an take them out, put them in over and over again, making loads of mini tracks for the guys to buzz around in.

And the whole thing folds up (in roughly 1.3454333 seconds), making it dead easy to hide under the desk when the teacher approaches. Pictured below. (Hive NOT Teacher)

You have probably spotted queen bee, or rather KING BUG in the shots above, but here's a close up.

We will be adding more details about the individual kits, around here somewhere and letting you know which pieces we like the best and why. (Thats all of them by the way)

Thank you for reading.


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