10m Platform High Dive

HexBug Olympics - 10m High Dive

10m High Dive

Welcome to the 10m High Dive. Now the hex bug engineers have been very busy here, creating a state of the art, high dive platform, and pool complex. I'm not sure if complex is the right word here as we only have one pool, and its not a very big pool either. But thats fine, most hex bugs are allergic to water anyway. And that's why there is only one competitor brave enough to be taking part. 

As long as he survives, he'll win the GOLD

We really enjoyed making this one. Had a couple of difficulties with the falling and splashing effects, but what can I say, we're on a budget here. Hope you enjoyed it and we hope you will tune your browsers into the other Hexbug Olympic events here on YouTube.

Promotional Stills - The Areana

The Emergency Services

The under water shoot (Not used in final video)


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